Menu gripes (reopen closed window & no menu bar)

Forgive me if this is in the wrong place but I do believe that these are not bugs but simply updates to the browser so this is more feedback than requesting support.

So I just found out that there is absolutely no way to turn the menu bar back on, at all, which is ridiculous. Yes, there’s the hamburger menu but I hate those, have always found them messy and confusingly laid out and I just like to have file, edit, view etc. on the top. It’s so much simpler.

That’s just a minor gripe.

But the reason I found this out is because I was going to go to history > Reopen last closed window
The equivalent tab in the hamburger menu does not seem to contain a reopen last closed window button any more.
PLEASE tell me you have not removed that feature.
If I’m simply missing it somehow or it has moved, I’d be delighted to be corrected on this issue.
But as it stands, it’s not where it should be, and I’m worried it’s gone completely. I can reopen last closed tab still, but that doesn’t help me here.

As well as the “reopen last closed tab”, the “Reopen last closed WINDOW” option has been one of the best features brave has brought to the table over browsers like chrome. It was honestly a huge inconvenience with chrome and something I never knew I needed so badly until I tried Brave.
Sometimes I end up accidentally closing a window of many tabs that I still need, tabs that were random pages I was on and not ones I have or need to or want to bookmark (Cus I can SMELL the “just bookmark everything” excuse coming and that is NOT applicable).
this happens sometimes and when it does I just need to open the window back up again.
sometimes it’s not even an accident but I have to close my windows to free up CPU strain during a livestream, as an example.

am I missing this incredibly important, helpful, convenient and unique feature somehow? or has it been removed?
If the latter, why on earth would you do that?
If the former, please help! I can’t find it.


I am also missing the reopen closed tab, which I use often because I’m always clicking accidentally on the “X” because things keep moving when the mouse goes over them. This is enough of an inconvenience to move back to my previous browser.