Mellow ads are not being blocked

Hi it looks like ads from Mellow ads are not being blocked. Their website is In the brave shield the only ad blocked from mellow ads was “”.

Thanks for reporting @bongador.

cc @fanboynz on this

Ads from Mellowads should be blocked, is there a sample site @bongador ?

Hi. I saw at and moonbitco in (some times they are blocked in that second one)

I’m seeing Mellow ads being blocked on bitfun:

Hi in mine they are not being blocked. What could be? Thank you

Maybe needs the cookies/cache needs to cleared? try in Private mode also.

I cleaned and login there again to see it but they still appear. They only appear when I loggin there.

They are in an iframe

iframe scrolling=“no” frameborder=“0” src="//" style=“overflow:hidden;width:100%;height:100%” allowtransparency=“true”></iframe

What does site-trackers show? (attach screenshot?)

Some ads from mellow ads are being blocked but those inside the iframe are not (i think it is that)

This maybe applicable in Brave Nightly, (it’ll be rolled out in the next 48hrs)

Thank you we can close that topic

I’m getting all kinds of ads on youtube videos on my email, its just like it was for me before I switched to brave. Not sure whats going but no payout for february, (with email to customer service) over a week ago and now tons of ads. I’m starting to wonder if Brave is falling apart, or whats going on, with all these issues now. Not getting paid is the saddest with commercials all over the place is the second saddest. Love Brave but right now I’m hating on brave too :(.

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