Brefnt showing ads

When visiting this link and playing this video sometimes you get some ads.

Can we please block them

Any progress on improving this or how can I block the site?

Are you seeing ads embedded in the video or on the website itself?
On my end when testing I didn’t see ads in either.

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In the embedded video. My bad. Should’ve been clearer.

I just skimmed through the video, no ads from what I can see. Unable to reproduce it.

Even playback from the video itself;

Are you testing on the Brave android app?

Regardless, I will do a video capture soon and upload it here to show you.


I can’t attach so pls see that . I got an ad as soon as I pressed play. Also I got an add when pressing pause.

Also note that the reason it keeps leaving full screen is that everytime you pause it , it tries to open an add so. Which is why at the end we see the Google favicon.

So in total 1 real ad opened and one favicon.

@Mattches @fanboynz please let me know if the video attached is unclear or you need more information.

But in short, on the android app, I get ads when pressing play and pause on the video.

Which playform is this on @Zikohh ? Android or ios?

Just an update, will be fixed when we roll out cosmetic (on the desktop, checkout Brave Nightly). Unsure when this will be rolled out on Android.

I got the ads when I was using brave on android.

As you saw in the video attached.

Thank you @fanboynz

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