What is the max rewards per month

what is the limit to earn bat? i earns 4-5 bat per month. if i too much click to ads, system gives 0,002-0,003 bat per click. why?

Hello @hailly

  1. max you get 20 notification ads per day (you could get less or even none depend on how many compain in your country)
  2. max you get 20 ads from the new tab page (or none if the ads there are not targeting your region)
  3. Bat you get for each ads determined by the advertiser not by brave
  4. do not think that you will get tons of money from the reward system it does not built for that
  5. if you want more then create a creator account if you have youtube channel /blog twitch and so on and the user who watch your site /channel can tip you for more info about creator https://creators.brave.com/

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

for the limits see brave://version:

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