Brave Mobile: Please stop pushing "tab groups". Let me get rid of them

Dear Brave devs,

I hope you guys monitor the “New Feature Feedback” forum.

For me, by far the most infuriating feature of Brave on Mobile is tab groups, and I wish I could just get rid of the whole dammed thing.

Situation before:

When I long-press on a link I get a menu, and the top option is “Open in new tab group”. This was very annoying already because sometimes I would accidentally press on that instead of “Open in new tab”.

I forced myself to tolerate this annoyance because I want a private browser.

Situation now / latest update:

I just got a new phone and installed Brave. I was extremely frustrated to discover that the “Open in new tab” option had been removed entirely! — After some amount of Googling I eventually discovered that there is a setting that brings back the previous, less-infuriating behavior.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why Brave developers think that adding extra steps between me and the tab I want to use is somehow a good thing. It has always been the most irritating thing about Brave.

Please, please, please, at least give me the option to ditch the entire tab groups and just let me use Brave as a normal browser that doesn’t actively interfere with me changing to a new tab.

At this point I am planning to try out other browsers. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any browsers that give me quite the privacy & security I get from Brave. I’m going to try the Mull browser, but they have a smaller team. I might try the Tor browser, but Tor is really slow. — My point is, I prefer Brave’s security, but the devs are actively driving me away by making the UI more frustrating to use and not giving me an option to just get a normal browser experience.

Thanks for listening.

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Yeah, it would be great if they let us remove the option to open new tab in group. I really dislike it and it was one of the major reasons why I stopped using Chrome.

It is hard to find an alternative to Brave. I have tried many browsers but there is always that one missing feature or sluggishness in the other browsers which pushes me back to Brave. :frowning: I was quite fine in Firefox but after using Brave, FF feels really sluggish at times. Also, that browser have its own set of issues for me.

I hope Brave devs will consider adding the option to completely get rid of Tab groups. The current one is okay but mistakenly tapping on that button feels annoying.