Remove useless FAQ articles

Hey there! You should really clean up your FAQ from outdated/invalid articles, such as this:

This option has, UNFORTUNATELY, not existed for a while.


Umm, what do you mean? I have that setting on my Android

It’s not about ‘auto tab groups’, it’s about tab groups as a whole.

You used to be able to disable this feature entirely so you didn’t get the ‘open in tab group’ clogging up the context menu - this option/feature was removed from Chromium a while ago, and the flag you could set to disable it anyway was removed a short while later.

As with all the bad ‘feature’ creep (such as the cascading tab layout, rip), this also reflects in Brave.

In my opinion, the article should either be removed or changed in wording to explicitly refer to ‘auto tab groups’ as you mentioned, as it is no longer possible to disable this feature completely as the article suggests very clearly. The less than 20% ‘this article is helpful’ rating is a good indication.

Edit: funnily enough the article also uses the cascading tab layout (for emphasis: :frowning:) for its screenshots, so it’s doubly outdated

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Anything? It’d be cool if people stopped getting baited to the aforementioned article just to leave a ‘this isn’t helpful’ rating.

Edit: ah, apparently my first reply wasn’t actually a reply.

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