Can't Disable Tab Groups After Update

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Description of the issue:

After the most recent Brave update (3/7/2022), my browser has started using tab groups again with no way to disable them. Although I was previously able to toggle that feature off from the “Appearance” setting menu, the option to turn off tab grouping seems to have disapeared.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave
  2. Tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand corner to view Settings
  3. Go to Appearance
  4. The “disable/enable tab groups” part is gone. I wasn’t able to change it using any other parts of Settings, either. (screenshot attached)

Expected result:

To be able to turn tab grouping on/off from the Appearance menu, or somewhere else in Settings.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.36.111, Chromium 99.0.4844.51

Mobile Device details

Operating system: Android 12; Build/SQ1A.220105.002
Running Brave on a Google Pixel 3A

Additional Information:

Troubleshooting methods that I’ve tried so far:

  • checking for new updates for the Brave app as well as my phone’s most recent Android system update. I have the latest version of both, so I don’t think that’s the issue.
  • clearing the Brave cache from my phone’s settings, then relaunching the browser
  • restarting my phone

Edit: I also tried changing the tab group settings via brave://flags, but was unsuccessful - it just caused the browser to freeze and become unresponsive before crashing completely. :smiling_face_with_tear: My fingers are crossed that this is just a temporary bug - the option to disable tab groups was my primary motivation in switching from Chrome to Brave, so hopefully this can get sorted out soon.


Yes bro!!! I really thought I was going crazy. It’s happened to me a few times, no biggie, just change it, reset browser and it’s fine. But this time, I couldn’t find it anywhere :roll_eyes:. Please let me know if you figure it out! :pray:


Yes please fix this, I preferred the option to use Vertical Tabs over Grid view


Please fix. I went away from another browser because I could change the grid settings.


I agree this needs to be corrected all my devices use brave and if this isnt corrected im just not going to use brave anymore simple as that .


same problem. please fix i hate tab groups :(:(:frowning:


Please don’t remove this option, this is the only reason I switched from Chrome.


Another user that left other Chrome because of the Tab Grid/Groups thing.

Setting to disable it is completely gone, and the browser isn’t respecting the disable flags.


Dont care for tab view. Switched from Chrome to Brave for this very reason too. I hope Google isnt forcing the old style out of all builds of chromium.


Me too, i find the grid tab layout annoying and i would like the option to go back to the overlapping stack of tabs that was there until yesterday! Thanks!


@lizardbrain ,


If anyone like myself need to get rid of this annoying tab groups and revert back to vertical tabs then here is the solution.
Download brave apk from . Look for version 1.35.103 chromium 98.0.4758.102

Uninstall brave browser
Open google play store and disable auto updates. You can however update your apps manually whenever google sends you a notification if any updates available. Updates the apps you like but don’t update brave unless brave address this tab issue.
The latest update in brave browser is nothing, only They added news feedbacks Plus some stability issues but they removed the option to disable tab groups in appearance setting.
Install brave apk file you have download and you are good to go.
Thanks. Have a good one. Bye for now.


Please please please, bring back the feature. Otherwise, Brave also becomes unusable without this feature :frowning:


Same here. Hate the wasted screen space with the grid layout. Much prefered the carousel so I can see more tab headings at the same time. Please fix this issue.


Agreed. If I can’t have my card view style instead of this awful tab system, I’ll find a different browser.


Please bring back the classic tab cards, Brave. The new grid makes it more time consuming when scrolling through a lot of tabs because my eyes have to bounce left and right to read the tab name. Plus there isn’t as much room for a description so it’s even harder to tell what the tab is for.


commenting for reach.

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Please Brave… Grid layout is terrible.
Stack layout was so comfortable, all tabs easy to reach using one hand, more space for site title, top to bottom flow. Why did you ruin that?


This was the only reason I used Brave. Please bring the option back.


Bumping for reach, following with the same issue as everyone above