Disable Tab Groups

How do I disable the new tab groups? I only ever have a few tabs on Android and the new grouping system only adds unnecessary complexity and extra taps.

After trying a bit more, I can still get the “open in new tab option” on an image, but non-image links ONLY give me the option of “open in tab group” or “open private tab”

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I agree. We need a way to disable the tab groups.


If you go to brave://flags in your address bar, search for “tab groups”. There will be multiple options, and you will likely need to disable all of them in order fully disable tab groups.

Why, when I enter “brave://flags” - without quotes - in the address field of Brave, do I end up here rather than in the flag settings?


Basically, rather than going to the flags settings, I end up with Google search results… :frowning:

I’m not sure. It should work. You could perhaps try entering “chrome://flags”, as that should have the same effect.

FYI, I disabled all those flags (there were 3), but the change wouldn’t take effect until I did a force-stop, cleared the cache, and restarted Brave. NOW I can just open a new tab like I used to! :slightly_smiling_face:

(btw, a note to developers about one reason I disliked the tab groups: the number-in-box to the right of the address no longer showed my number of open tabs. It always showed “1” which I guess was my number of open tab groups. Boo, I like knowing how many tabs are open)

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Hey @Calliopejane,

You don’t need to disable the tab groups via flags. There’s a setting that you can toggle in “appearance”.