Adblock Plus for brave


Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)

Default states are:

Block: Ads/Trackers, 3rd Party Cookies, 3rd Party Fingerprinting Allow: Encrypt Connections (HTTPS), Scripts

Where and how do the ads appear? (fill out below)
As I start Gmail In the Social and Reclame tabs appears 2 advertisement.
As I want to install Adblock Plus, I can find any option for Brave, There is an option for Chrome, my question is: Do I have to install another browser to get Adblock Plus working in Brave?

URL where ad was displayed:

Screenshot of ad as it appears on the webpage:

Console Output (optional):

What Brave version/Build are you using? (See the About Brave page in the main menu)



I just checked my gmail and I see this issue too. I seems like Brave doesn’t block this ad, so Google found a way to show ads i think. Please fix this brave dev team :wink:

How does your brave browser look a bit different than mine? Your tabs are under the URL-bar… I have the dark status bar active, but that is not the problem. Is this because your screen is bigger and I use a laptop?? I like your look of your Browser.

Thanks to Brave developers for fixing this issue!



It could be because the monitor, it is indeed big, I use Brave a while and I have to say it is a good browser.



We have to use the .CSS editor in Brave. Right click and click ‘block .CSS element’ and then select yes.

More information:



@lucho50 first it seems that you’re still using Brave (muon) 0.25.x. This version is no longer supported and has been replaced by the new Brave Browser (brave-core) 0.60.x and higher.

You should get the upgrade notification. If you not see it, can you try download the new version from ?

No need to uninstall the current Brave . You can run it in parallel. After you installed the new version, you can import your browser data from prev. Brave.

And recover your Brave Rewards wallet too (if you have any)

Second, Brave not block 1st party ads.

But you can manually block it like @MVC mentioned above. Which is available with 0.60.x version.




Thanks eljuno for your advice, laatst version of Brave installed, it was easy, but…, I have followed the instructiond of @MVC, there was no option"Block .CSS element" but another, I choose “Clear CSS rules for all sites” and…, the ads stil remains.




Can you send me a screenshot of what your context (right-click) menu looks like on your end?



Hereby the screenshot required.



Looks like Block element via selector is visible right there. Click it, add the appropriate element to be blocked (please see the tutorial again for reference – note that the exact tag or div may and will likely not be the same as the one in the Help article. The article is there to assist you in finding it.



Thank you, I’ll try it. Thanks for the support.

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