Ad Blocker Stopped Working - Massive ads and popup ads on all sites

No changes and yesterday I start seeing ads on all sites just like I am using any old browser.

I reset all the setting to original, deleted all internet history/properties, and restarted the laptop, and again deleted the temporary internet files in the Internet Properties and in the Dissenter Browser and still have the same problem.

Version 1.5.114 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)

What is going on?

Thanks for helping.

Dude, you are using an outdated bogus browser which has not been updated for over a year. Current chromium version for brave is 97.

The issue is related to dissenter browser and not related to brave.
Also, I would not recommend using a bogus browser like dissenter. I would recommend either use opera/viviladi/brave as chromium browsers or firefox/librewolf/palemoon as gecko browser.

Thanks for the reply but I got to ask, what makes the browser bogus and how is it not related to Brave?

It has been an excellent browser in all respects until the ads started showing up - better than any free browser I have ever used. I can see one claiming it is bogus if they have no support and do not update but it sounds like there is more going on here.

All the support/questions for Dissenter are Brave links but they are not related?

Ads still invading my WIN 7 computer :frowning:

dissenter is a fork of an old version of brave they aren’t directly connected.

Bogus as in not updated, not only in the case of brave but the underlying chromium engine. It is really bad to use an outdated version of a browser. 1.) You can easily get fingerprinted as you are more unique than rest of us. 2.) There are really bad bugs in older versions which might cause security and privacy problems.

I do not know why you are using an outdate browser (in reference to chromium). Just uninstall that browser and use the ones I have recommended. Even the guys who made it have stopped recommending it on their own website. There are no links from where to download the browser.

They might be linked, but it is not brave browser’s problem. It is dissenter browser’s problem. So, you should ask those guys who made it in the first place. But wait, they themselves have stopped answering any questions related to the browser, as they have abandoned the project. So, you as a user should also stop using it in first place.

Thanks for schooling me.
It blows me away that Dissenter has the Brave links for support. To me, that is like Chevy telling its owners to look in the owners manual for your Chevy for help and the manual says to call Ford…nuts!

Got Brave loaded up it it’s great except for the speed. Indeed I still use Dissenter for the local radar. Brave is so slow, the radar just does not work - it tries but no go.

Thanks Again.

I was saying all of those for your own benefit as a user. I am glad you followed through. I have no idea why Brave is slow. Most of the users report fast speed, with low ram usage due to its adblocker.
Also, it was bad to the point that I can easily drain your bank account easily within minutes or even seconds.

You can download some other browser (updated one) other than brave and see if it suits you.

We have an optimisation coming in Brave Nightly. (PGO) is being enabled, which should see a good performance increase.

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