Is importing passwords to ios browser simply impossible?

IS there anyway at all to do this other than typing in every password? Export from desk top browse, import to ios browser? Export from chrome browser, import to ios browser? IS THERE NO FUNCTIONALITY AT ALL?

There are options, but which options you use depends on what you have. So now you have shared that you’re using iOS. If you’ve not noticed, iOS forces passwords to be saved in their keychain. You don’t store them in the browser. So that’s an extra layer of headaches.

If you have Mac, you can have Chrome and Safari on your desktop and then you can Import From and then choose Google Chrome and it will move your passwords to it. At this point your passwords will be saved in your iCloud Keychain.

Or if you’re using Brave on a different device and have passwords saved, you can create a Sync chain and choose to sync your passwords. You then would add your iOS device to the chain and it would receive all the saved passwords you had on your other device.

iOS password sync with desktop ones,
you have to enable sync and enable to sync password on both devices

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