MacBook Pro Touch Bar & Keychain

Macbook Pro w/ Touch Bar and Keychain Integration
Use any such MacBook Pro or apple ?

Here’s the rub - LOVE Brave; everything about it is perfect EXCEPT for using it with MacBook Pro. Apple owns my everything - everything is synced to the cloud and w/ the touchbar fingerprint use for all passwords in Safari combined with Apple generated passwords in the keychain, we HAVE to use Safari for now.

Please help - how can I get the keychain to integrate into Brave so Brave can be used as Safari in terms of passwords, Apple Pay usage w/ the Touch Bar ,etc.

Brave works just fine with the Touchbar and passwords are stored on the Keychain.
Can you be more specific about what issues you’re encountering?

The keychain never engages and touchbar has never once been prompted. Seems like completely disengaged from brave. Help!? Lol.

Can you show me an example of what exactly it is that you’re trying to accomplish in another browser?

This is how it works in Safari for my MacBook; does to work in Brave - the iCloud Keychain is never prompted - I know Brave has its own password autofill but that doesn’t account for previously saved passwords in the Keychain - for some reason, only safari is triggering / prompting Keychain access (with or without touch)

Is there any reason you don’t just import the Safari password data into Brave using the Import bookmarks and settings option?

tried that - no passwords will populate on any site saved. Its bizarre - only thing I haven’t tried is exporting the keychain as a csv and importing it via that route, but it appears you cant do that in groups - seems like only allowing singular passwords for exports and than would take forever.

Its like there are roadblocks at each turn- Im not the best in re computers as to functionality, but it seems like there is something amiss…Chrome and Firefox have the iCloud Keychain integrated at the outset - no issue. Not with this. Any help is appreciated and thank you

Bizarre part is, the Brave app on the iPhone has access to the keychain; not automatically populating the correct username / passwords but has the option to access passwords and can search for the appropriate one - very very bizarre

Does Brave have full disk access on your machine?

Yes it does.

Thank you everyone. I know we can figure this out somehow - Brave is so much better, just gotta get the keychain touch bar access implemented somehow .

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