Importing iCloud Keychain - Exact .csv file format / schema?


I would like to import all my passwords from my iCloud keychain. I know that Brave does not support this functionality so I’ve exported what I have into a .csv file.

I can’t for the life of my find a description of the schema required for a successful import as Brave does not like the format I have exported the data to.

Can you please show an example of exactly which columns are required and in what order so that I can import from Brave?

Latest version, latest MacOS.

You’ll have to flip a flag in order to import passwords into Brave. If you have the passwords exported in .CSV format, that should be all you need. Try the following:

  1. Type Brave://flags into the address bar
  2. Search for a flag titled #Password-Import and enable it
  3. Relaunch the browser when prompted
  4. Now, navigate to Menu --> Settings --> Addt'l settings --> Autofill and click the “more” options across from where it says Saved passwords and note the new Import option:

Second edit: Looks like the url must begin with http://. Anything with just www. does not allow the CSV file to be imported. This is a completely unecessary validation!

Edit: Looks like the import doesn’t work when the username is empty, for example (some websites only require a password). No warning is provided, so the whole CSV file was not accepted! Maybe consider a slightly better UX here?

For future viewers, the schema is: name,url,username,password and this must appear as the header (first line) in the csv file.

@Mattches Thanks for the reply!

I have already updated the flag and enabled password import.

The steps I have taken:

  • Exported Passwords to a CSV file
  • Added a single new line to that CSV file with the exact same format
  • Imported the updated file

I expect that the additional password would be added. Unfortunately it is not added. I get no success or error dialogue after choosing the file to import. The import functionality is not working for me right now.

  • Latest MacOS.
  • Latest stable Brave version.

Does brave log anything so I can take a look in there to see what’s happening, or is there something else I’m missing?

Great sleuthing – however, I’ve been able to import passwords without user names previously using the same method. I’ll have to take a deeper look at what may be going on that halts the process for you but not for me.

To be clear, you did manage to import your passwords, correct?

Hey guys,

My first post here, and made just in time on this thread so that I didn’t have to ask a question that is already being answered here…

So, @J7mbo, did you manage to get all your passwords imported using this method?

I do hope so, as it’s the only barrier to entry holding me from making Brave my primary browser right now, so please let us know!

Then, on an aside, is there another password manager akin to iCloud Keychain that autogenerates passwords in the same fashion? This is an feature I really like, especially insofar as it’s saved across devices and improves quality of life when using my devices.

Finally… Is iCloud Keychain support still on the cards? I understand that the feature’s been requested for a while now, but I don’t know how far along its implementation is? This is like the main thing keeping me on Safari for now…

Hey @EdgeYo. Yes I did. But in order to get the icloud keychain data into a CSV file on the latest OS X I tried many things. Only one worked.

First attempt was create a new keychain and copy it over, but it wouldn’t let me do that. Gave me an error that many people got because the icloud keychain is a different format from standard keychains.

So I had to run this really terrible applescript that people suggested. I can’t remember the name of it but I’m sure you’ll find it with some googling (maybe it’s on Github? Don’t quote me on that). It basically automated opening the browser passwords and then going through each username, password and url line-by-line with the keyboard and saving them to a CSV file on the desktop. Took me a good 10 minutes+ to run because I have a lot of passwords.

So yes, once I’d finally gotten this csv file, removed the extra column in it and renamed them to exactly as I’ve described above, and also made sure that they all were prefixed with http (that was a fun regex-replace in my IDE) etc, then the import worked.

What a nightmare. Brave sort it please :slight_smile:

Thanks for the note, J7mbo.

This is a total deal breaker for me, I’m afraid; I’m so ready to jump ship to Brave, but until there’s Keychain support, I just can’t go through with it… The price is just too damn high.

@EdgeYo, @J7mbo,
Perhaps I’m confused – did you export your passwords directly from Safari or did you export them directly from the keychain?

No I was not able to export from the keychain.

I instead ran a script that automated grabbing the passwords from safari in the UI (keyboard shortcuts basically), and saving them to a CSV file.

I believe that the import is not possible (by way of Import bookmarks and settings option) because Brave must have full disk accesss. Taken from our Help center article:

Sorry I forgot to mention, I already had seen this and given Brave full disk access.

And Brave didn’t import data from Safari?

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