Lot of payouts missing since October 2019


I was checking my Brave Creators statements : https://nimb.ws/LKe8sb

Seems there is not payment since October 2019 ? I can send full pic on PM because I have removed amount for public display.


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The same thing happened to me 5 days ago and I am not getting enough help from the Brave community. I lost around ~300 BAT coins

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Yes, many of us have this same problem, I think it’s a bug and we never received anything from there

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Wow, ok… :scream: I have more than 3k BAT involved in this situation… I hope Brave will do something then !

I regularly receive the pop-up notice of BATs accumulated and then the prompt to cash in, and have never been able to cash in, and have never received any payment. I see there are many others in the same boat, and most probably many beyond that who have not reported this. This is a matter that impacts the credibility of Brave, so please give it priority - whether a bug or whatever cause - and advise me by my email on record. Thank you.

I’m having this same issue!

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