Brave Reward Statement History

I have the same problem I check uphold history transactions, and I only have the ads and brave publishers, but I haven’t received more BAT, I only have 2 transactions from brave publishers

i have the same problems, statements for 10 months but no BAT received to uphold account.

i have the same issue, i see direct tips in statements with no payment date and there is none of them in uphold

i am also still waiting for this to be tackled by someone

Very clear but in truth the tips never came to my uphold wallet. I also face same problem

me too, I have around 430 BAT, I don’t know if this is actually a bug…

Hello everyone! There seems to be a minor issue around displaying “Direct User Tips” on the Statement dashboard. We’re currently investigating and working through the issue.

In the meantime your Uphold account will have the most up to date information about the direct user tips you have received and you should be able to click on “Activity” in the Uphold Card and view information about tips sent directly to your account.


I understand but that “Direct User Tips” are real or not true? Like it’s a bug of statements page or we actually will receive that BAT’S? Thanks

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Thank you for this Information, for me what we see in the Statement is Wrong, many of us NEVER RECEIVE that TIP indicated in the Dashboard. We still hoping Brave Team will clarify and fix what really happen in the Statement Board.

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Yes I have the same issue right now - earning showing in my brave creator rewards but can’t see them anywhere in Uphold. Thanks!


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I see the same in my statements since few days ago, no activity on uphold is it a bug? also in the previous months i did try to tip myself from mobile, but in the related card on uphold it actually show no transaction at all, even if those are actually shown on the main page of publishers page next to their channel

Same issue here!

This is so strange that my statement is exactly the same as yours and I have similar issue. How is that even possible? or is this a major bug in the system?

It’s probably a bug and the team is working on it.
It’s quite a busy period for them with the recent may 5th issue to which they responded well. It seems that users with unverified uphold accounts are getting a fix too with the next update and maybe this will patch the statements problem as well.
Not to be overambitious, but it would be greatly appreciated if someone on the team could give a look at , there are some users that can’t have their uphold accounts verified :frowning:

Hello everyone! A fix has been deployed. Please login and view your statements and let the team know if anyone has any confusion or anymore problems with the Statements.


Now my statement is Blank, no data

I had the same issue. I also noticed that I have a bunch of referral in the counter that I am not seeing reflected in my balance.

yes, the problem with statements is fixed, thank you!


All my tips are almost gone now. This ( became this (, is it normal ?

And I never get my tips in my Uphold account. 3000+ bats vanished ? Or was it “fake” because of your “minor” statement bug ?

I think it’s hard for a creator “selling” its channels for ads not being able to trust its ads dashboard to see its winning tips. It would be like if my AdSense dashboard display wrong stats and metrics…

It’s like my referal stats. Can I trust them ? Or do I need to investigate to be sure that all datas displayed by Brave are correct ?

Sorry if I’m upset like that but I’m waiting more from a project like Brave to which I accept to receive ads or sell ads into my channels.

@KrustyHack see Tips not received in Uphold for a brief explanation.


Ok for referral breakdown, but what about tips from end of 2019?

Sorry but you didn’t answer at all my questions. Or I didn’t understand what you want to explain to me.