Haven't received the payment on September and October

Hello! I have a problem, I haven’t received the payment for 2 months (September and October). Can someone tell me what to do?

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Thousands of wallet have been flagged but they do not give a statement about it. I lost a lot of BATs because of it. It’s really sad but it happened.


Hello,same here , i supposed to receive about 6 BAT for September October but i received 0.25 for October ,will anyone tell us anything?

aw man, felt like being scammed. I mean I watched the ads. Even used some services introduced by the ads. Tips others creators. Now that the BAT price has tripled since I started and I got nothing. Feel really bad… I will post this issue on cryptocurrency reddit for awareness.

I made a post on Reddit in the BAT project and it got ultra disliked lol. I don’t know what is happening, but I don´t like it.

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