BAT Rewards missing after Brave Crashed

BAT rewards missing after Brave Crashed:

**After Brave crashed this morning and restarted, I received a notification that my settings could not be saved. I went to my Brave Rewards page and the balance was 0 in my pending rewards.
I linked my Uphold account back up and my rewards that have been transferred are there, however the 17+ BAT that was pending are gone. See screenshot showing # of ads received this month and pending rewards.


Windows Server 2012 R2,
Version 1.22.70 Chromium: 89.0.4389.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My household just began using Brave a few days back, and we’ve experienced the same issue.

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I also have the same issue. Only noticed it today (April 2). I had a close to 2 BAT on my pending wallet then it turned to 0.110. I hope this gets fixed!

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I had the same issue on 02 April… my BAT went missing, and my payment date changed from April 06 to May 06 … Even my number of ads reduced like crazy!

At first I thought it automatically transferred to my Uphold account. But my Uphold account only shows what’s been transferred before this (i.e. on March 06).
I read some threads with similar issues and all of them say that it automatically got restored in a couple of days OR after restarting their browsers/PCs. It’s the end of 04 April now (already 2 days), and the issue still persists, despite restarting the browser (and the laptop) several times.
Kind of an annoying issue. I was really hoping to use Brave for a long time, but if these things keep happening, I’d be rethinking my choices…

EDIT: The tokens have been restored. Looks like I am gonna be using Brave for a longer time… Although, I really hope the devs fix this… seems to be a pertinent and recurring issue.

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I had this exact issue but it hasn’t been resolved. Do you mind telling me how you got your BAT back?

How were you able to get your tokens resolved?

I don’t know. On the day after the payout cycle (i.e. on Apr 07) I just received a notification mail from Uphold saying that I have received the BAT from Brave Software International … the transaction description was “payout for March ad earnings
Now my Uphold balance is restored as well as the metrics on my Brave browser for the ad counts, current estimated payout in BAT as well as the trackers/ads blocked, bandwidth/time saved.

Have you checked brave://rewards-internals/ for details of your transactions? The General Info and Event Logs tabs in there might help to trace for you.

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