Lost passwords after updating brave to version 1.38.111

Description of the issue:
Hi, I have updated my brave to version 1.38.111 on my mac and all my passwords disappeared.
Moreover I’m trying to import the passwords from a cvs file i have exported a while ago and the passwords are not importing.

Any help to resolve this issue is appreciated.


@MACHLD Try the following:

Open the csv file in excel, save it with a different name (as .csv) then try importing passwords to Brave from the new csv file.

if not working,

  1. Install Opera browser, import the old csv file to Opera, then save it with a different name
  2. Import passwords from the new csv file into Brave.

Note. I recently imported into Brave passwords from a CSV file I have saved in Opera GX. Opera and Brave are based on Chromium. I havent checked if saving passwords as CSV exists in other browsers.

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