Lost over half of BAT

Just collected all of my BAT today, but I only received about 1/3 of the BAT that I have earned. Where did 2/3 of my BAT go?

Can you provide some additional information on this?

  • Are you asking as a verified Brave Creator, referencing your payout earned for contributions to your site?


  • Are you referring to earnings from opting into the Brave Ads platform?

I’m referring to my earnings from opting into Brave Ads. I had about 12 BAT from July but I only receieved a payout of 4.2 BAT.

This may simply be when the ads were “cashed out” – in your current estimated earnings, you should see the remainder of what you’re owed (that is, minus the 4.2BAT already earned), is that correct?

No, the whole payment was 4.2 BAT. I have 4.05 BAT pending for Sep 5. Is there any way I can get my BAT back?

Hi @yellowcakepie, can you please make sure you have upgraded to the latest version as we addressed some issues there. Also, can you please see if a browser restart helps?