Again another more than 3 BATs are missing from today's payout. I didn't receive my first missing BATs and now It's happening again

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Again another more than 3 BATs are missing from today’s payout. I didn’t receive my first missing BATs and now It’s happening again. Any advice please!? Is there anybody in the Brave co, taking commissions from the users rewards!? What’s happening? Something very fishy now!!!


Who’s doing the math for the BATs rewards? How on earth 33.177 + 9.978 = 39.667 ???

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Please wait till all payments have finished. If they do not arrive, ping here. I or someone can tag support then.

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i also was supposed to receive more BATs than what was given this month. My payout was supposed to be 5.982 and the actual payout was 4.51250. where is the difference gone?

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Same here. I was supposed to receive around 15 BAT and only received 2,5 :man_shrugging:t2:.

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The amount there is not the guaranteed pay. This is why they are changing things, as people don’t pay attention to the banners and other notices.

New format is going to be like below (range of payments, this is screenshot from my Nightly, which I hardly use. So the range is small right now since it just saw like only 1 ad):


and the payment thing will look like:


Keep in mind that those are ESTIMATED earnings. So not exact. But then on the other side of things:

I fully understand that there’s a discrepancy between my estimated earnings and payout amount. But in my case was a HUGE difference.

Why only 2.5 of 15? Does not make sense at all.

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I’ll ask you to wait till all payments have processed. Can track at

I am also waiting for around 9 BAT
to arrive. Got my 13 bat already, lol.
Sometimes some payments process later and do arrive in Uphold/Gemini.

If you don’t receive even after all payments have completed, ping here so we can have support take a look.

If this was true: “This is perfectly normal! Sometimes ads do not fully reconcile (“cash in”) before the end of the payment period. So while this does appear in your Estimated earnings in real time, unreconciled funds will not appear in the current month’s payout and will instead be “rolled over” into next month’s payment.” I would’ve got my missing BATs from 2 month already, but no. I’m missing more now. All I’m getting so far is weird excuses that none of it make sense!!!

I’m pinging my April’s 3 BATs, that’s still missing!

Same. this happened to me last year and i missed out on 20-30 BAT. This time i missed another 5. Why is it failing and how do i get my missed payouts? wny dont they come with the next months payout? where do they go?

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my account says they arrived but they didnt. logging shows errors with fetching gemini balance, etc. this happened to me last year for a few months in a row. they dont rollover either, they just disappear or go to someone else maybe

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Wait till payments have completed. I have had BATs being paid in next month so will ask you to be patient. If you don’t receive after payments have completed for this month, ping here.

Well, payments are still processing. The banner saying that you have received is just generic, doesn’t actually show the real time status.

I was responding to OP and all. If you look, @Chantys is saying missing 3 BAT from April payout. 3 BAT is not a large amount and sometimes would be rolled over. Then I saw @styles666 mention the difference of like 1.46 BAT.

All of that said, key thing is for people to do:

  • First look at their estimated earnings for the month. If it’s rolled over, you should see the current estimated earnings to be a bit higher. This is especially true if you see it right at the beginning of the month.

  • Wait until payouts finish, which will be reflected at Ads Payout Status Update

  • If still missing amounts and not appearing to show anywhere, you create a Rewards Support Ticket at and they usually look into it and get any missing BAT to people, if there’s anything missing. Otherwise they’ll explain what happened.

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I also have not received my received my rewards from either June or July

Ok. I’ll send a ticket, thanks.

Adding that to topics like this is not the solution. In fact, yours is nothing to do with what OP has shared. In any case, you need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at if you’ve had issues. If you haven’t received payments for months, especially if you aren’t seeing estimated earnings increase, chances are you’re flagged.

Please advise me if your tickets resolve anything on the owed difference in BATs as i am exhausted from submitting tickets every month for whatever new glitch they implement that i need to sort out. Beyond frustrating.


I completely understand. I already submitted a ticket 2 month ago and nothing happened. I didn’t get any missing BATs or any update so I’m not sure if all this, is just a waist of time! Let’s update each others here please.

Hi @Chantys, @styles666 can you share your ticket #'s? Will ensure that these are handled. Thanks.

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