Over 130 lost BAT

Today february 9th 2020 at 2:18 AM; I checked my Brave rewards and saw that my account now says i only have 60.5 BAT. I had just been about to accumulate over 240 prior to the most recent payment.

I had received a grant from prior to the inclusions of ads and have been using the brave ads system religiously since it was first released around 9 months ago. I have kept my ad viewership at 5 per hour. my auto-contribution is off and has been for 8.5 months

I have a had a bizarre string of payments of smaller than normally earned ammounts and today when I received another orange notification i saw that i only had 60.5 of my BAT in my account

I have made no attempts to withdraw the BAT or to tip any users, I have never seen the tip screen and tbh dont know if there is one.

my log for BAT payments under details has the following list of payments:
24.8 BAT Earned from ads
27.3 BAT Earned from ads
13.5 BAT Earned from ads
33.3 BAT Earned from ads
26.0 BAT Earned from ads
28.5 BAT Earned from ads
25.0 BAT Earned from ads
16.8 BAT Earned from ads
5.0 BAT Earned from ads

this list does not include atleast one BAT grant that I had received
my previos balance was 238.x BAT

this is around a 178 BAT loss. I feel sick, I loved this project and now I feel sick, dev team please help me.

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