Lost My Brave Profiles

I lost my all brave profiles & Saved Passwords, My Pc Forced restart After Windows Update, After that i lost my all profiles, i’ve created different profiles for different work. so i lost my work data as well as brave data too. @steeven please help me to solve this issue, it’s very urgent because my work related websites are also gone with deleted profiles. If anyone know how to recover profiles please reply. I am using latest version of brave browser.

My all profiles are shown in folders, but not in browser

Do your best to manually locate specifically important files of your work on your Windows OS machine . . . and manually copy such files to an easily detachable external USB type hard drive.

Those files would be text, Word, Excel, and etc. type work files that you have created and / or edited since the moment when you realized that you had lost your Brave Browser Profiles.

After all that careful, manual backup, then attempt a Windows System Restoration:


You would be attempting to restore, back to a point in time, when you believe that your Brave Browser Profiles were intact.

I faced the Exact same issue. My windows Updated after a Forced Restart - and All of my Profiles Vanished - I got Signed out of all the Sites I previously had logged in and even few Settings were changed in Brave browser. This is Highly inconvenient ,
Please keep me updated on Any possible solution

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