Loss of brave rewards

hello, I won 30 BAT rewards using Brave browser. But when I looked today, I saw that there is 18.38 BAT in the wallet. I don’t know when and why it decreased. I did not tip rewards to anyone. Why did this happen?

is your wallet verified?


7 avq 2021, Ş. 05:27 tarixində Not Support via Brave Community <brave@discoursemail.com> yazdı:

then go to your Uphold account and check the transactions log for deductions of your bat

I checked all transactions, but I did not see any interruption fees in any of the transactions. Currently 19 bat is showing in my Brave brovser vallet and uphold account. As I said, 12 bats are lost. In the last month, I faced the same mistake again: 4 bat tokens that I have accumulated since the last reflection date of Brave rewards to my uphold account have decreased to 1.3 bat tokens without being reflected in my account.

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hello, it’s been 4 days steeven still hasn’t replied to me.

He and the other support staff get hundreds of requests for help every day. Please be patient.

How do I know if he will answer or not? I was just wondering due to he didn’t say anything. Let him at least look at the data I sent, he can solve the problem when available. I may have sent the wrong data, otherwise if he asks for a second time I’ll have to wait for the answer again.

Acknowledging takes time. He will look at your data. Just be patient. It may take a week or two.

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