Log into Brave Account like Chrome

I’m a huge fan of Brave browser because it’s the best and far ahead of other shitty browsers but please add this feature in it that like Chrome there should be a profile log in option through email or anything so that we can save our browsing data without syncing.

You can always use Brave sync. You’ll get a 25 word phrase which will be used to sync the devices.

In that phrase, the first 24 words remain the same but the 25th one changes each day for security reasons. You can track the 25th word at

Brave doesn’t have an email account login option for obvious reasons since Brave doesn’t want to have any of your data / as little data as they can get to make sure smooth operation of the browser.

then what am i supposed to do if i accidently delete my Brave software ?

You could always keep 25 word phrase somewhere safe… Just make sure that your Brave browser is updated everytime. Cause if the sync phrase from that installation is from a very old version of Brave, then won’t work on a newer version.

For the 25th word you can always replace it with the word at

This method is totally unofficial and isn’t recommended by Brave officials.

Hey there @raoanwar178. This has been something requested and is always “on the table” for discussion. That said, the current belief is that it would present too much of a security risk to privacy. There have been instances, even recently, of data breaches within big companies that retain this data. You can see where I have shared links of examples in a post at When Will There Be A Master Password? - #61 by Saoiray

I understand the convenience you’re requesting, but Brave is prioritizing privacy over convenience.

As to what @SmartyAadi mentioned, I wish he’d reconsider saying it that way. It’s been important that we stress that Sync is not a backup. There will come a time that even that 25th word won’t help you get things. So presenting that is a plausible idea can be misleading and give a false sense of security.

You should do occasional backups then. You can export passwords, bookmarks, and other information to a flash drive or somewhere that you keep safe. Otherwise if you have multiple devices, you can use Sync. Most of us have a phone and computer. The chances of both of those things getting stuff deleted or lost is slim. So long as you have one, then you’ll likely have all of your information because you can always add devices to the sync chain again.

If that’s not good enough, then there are always password manager extensions you can use which will keep your info into an account you can access via username and password. You’ll just have to keep in mind that those aren’t as safe. So it’s all up to you.

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