Brave Sync Account instead of Sync Code Chain

Hi! I love Brave Browser, it changed my life since I started using it (2017) because I REALLY wanted to ditch Chrome, but I think that a Brave Sync Account would be more accurate and functional than using a Sync Code chain because:

  • The Sync Code is viewable without any security method before seeing the code, if your device falls into the wrong hands, say goodbye to your data.
  • In case of any device (PC, Mac, Android or iOS) stolen the Sync Code will be lost (I’m thinking in the users who have only 2 devices) and it’s more practical to save your data in Brave’s servers.
  • I think it’s more intuitive for the users who want a browser that protects your privacy but also secures your data in a safe and practical way.
  • The Brave Sync Account can be saved with the rest of the passwords (for those who use the Brave Password Manager) and it would be easy for someone who wants to get back everything in a short period of time.

I give this Sync point to Chrome because is fast to Sign in and Sign out (and giving you the choice to erase your data from a device) without any problem. I really want Brave to be better than Chrome (than already is) but I think that doing this suggested Sync method will do a big difference and it will make more users to ditch Chrome once and for all. Thanks to the Brave Community for being so kind and empathic with new users and with those users who discovered bugs and report them.

PD: I’m sorry if I did any mistakes posting this, it’s the first time I post here, I tried posting this in Brave’s Reddit, but I couldn’t because I guess I’m too new to post.


yeah, really need this feature… the only reason I stop using brave just because there’s no sync account, so if I change to a new device, my personalization, password, history, etc will be lost

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Yo dude, you can sync using the Sync code. Its there in the settings.

And @blackdagor_28 I too believe that a Brave account will be better but I think it has to do somethin with the Privacy thing idk.

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