Issues with Brave after migrating from Chrome

I have been using Brave for 10 days now.
It is faster than Chrome yes.
I would prefer it to Chrome yes.

The synch option with the 25 word “password” is a very bad idea…

  1. How am I supposed to copy and paste 25 words when I am away in a new computer???

  2. Why not use the simple-easy-fast solution of a username and password??? you just log-in fast and from any browser anywhere!!!

  3. If I have 2 or more people using my browser, they can now use my profile just by selecting it from the menu without any security!!!

The MUTE on the tab!!! this is so annoying!!! we all use 10-30 tabs at the same time and we ALL have the issue of muting tabs by mistake just by clicking the tab!!! This is bad and there is no solution!!!

I am very frustrated with these issues…

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Use a mobile device, at least is the way the majority of people do. Keep in mind sync is more permanent and between your own devices.

The changing 25th was to add a layer of extra security. It mainly came about as people were accidentally sharing their codes and having accounts compromised.

Because Brave keeps Sync on your device level. They want to have as few things on their servers. As it passes through, everything is highly encrypted. The other issue is Username and Password tends to be highly susceptible to hacking, especially as this type of information is found to be out in the public on a regular. So let’s say you use the same password here as on Facebook and there’s a data breech on Facebook. Now they use your same username and password here, then they have ALL of your information.

Brave is a privacy first browser. This means sometimes convenience options like you’re mentioning just aren’t viable.

This is because physical security is on the User. Each person using your device should have their own User Account. I’m not talking within the browser, but within your actual Operating System. Even if they had a superficial lock on your profile, your information could still be accessed on back end through the files. They could give you a false sense of security, but Brave just is direct with everyone on responsibility and capabilities.

This is something mentioned before and may be something to look at. Just so you know, this is a Chromium wide feature. Brave will add or modify settings, but usually it’s faster for it to happen “upstream” on Chromium. So while sharing here, I’d also share over with as well, so you can kind of attack from both sides.

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Dear Saoiray,

Thank you very much for the detailed response.

Security is one thing, and convenience and ease of use another.

We use passwords even for the most sensitive data in our banking accounts etc. They can be secure as possible.

At any rate, we use passwords on our computers so if someone cracks it can access my Brave browser and get the 25 word string very easy.

Thus, I do not think this adds any layer of security… it may even be more insecure when more than one people are using a computer.

With Crome you use the profile with password. With Brave once anyone opens the computer they have access to everything in my browser… even someone with limited computer skills can open everything.

Plus, I cannot use any other computer (friend, work, public) to browse as it is going to leave my profile there, or the whole process with the words and then deleting etc is very confusing…

At work you will have to delete the profile and put the 25 words any time you use it as most work computers are not secured.

A hacker can crack my computer password and then access Brave easily. With Chrome eg they have to crack my computer account and then also my browser username and password…

And usually the pass we use for Windows may be something simple and then on the browser more complicated. Now you only need the simple pass to have access to everything…

Anyway, at least for me and others I talked to this is a very strange and inconvenient solution… it is a shame because it is a very fast and nice browser…

There should be an option to either use pass or this 25word thing.

The issue with the tabs and sound is not present on Chrome, Edge, Firefox. I only found this in Brave.

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