Is there really no account option?

Been using the browser for about a week and like it, but I don’t see any account options. Something like chrome, you sign into an account, it saves all your booksmarks and passwords and such, then you simply sign in on your other PC and boom it’s all there. The only option I see is this ancient sync option. I remember firefox did this like 15 years ago but realized it wasn’t as good as an actual account that just syncs. My biggest gripe about this is that I have to open up my main pcs browser and go to the sync option and then you have a freaking 24 word code you have to then put in on your other PC that you may not even have access to because it’s at an office or another house. This is really unbelievable.

Hello there,
You may don’t like it, but this is a thing that most of us love about Brave: no account equals more privacy and most of the time, more security.
You can use a note taking app on your smartphone, to copy the 24 sync words.