Locking the Screen Size at 100%

Is there any way to establish a lock for the zoom size for the screen at 100%?

Hey UndergroundUSA,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to lock the screen size at a specific zoom level inside Brave itself, but you can check which websites are not at the default level (100%) by going here: brave://settings/content/zoomLevels?search=zoom

You can also set the screen to fullscreen if you click on the button beside the zoom level, if that would help. Are you perhaps using a larger monitor?

Thanks for getting back…it has more to do with the wheel on my mouse and me actually moving too fast, exploding the zoom. I was looking for a work around to circumvent my own bad habit

Ah, I see. The best you can do is download extensions that might prevent you from accidentally zooming in. Here are a few that you could start with, and if those don’t work, you could always look around for more:

Thank you for those suggestions. That was very kind.

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