Set Zoom Level to a specified level for all tabs/windows, all the time

This is an issue that an older Scottish bloke I’ve helped and lived with has with Brave and other Chromium browsers. He’s used to the older Microsoft Internet Explorer which has a Zoom setting that forces all tabs/windows to conform to the selected Zoom setting. (200%)

On Brave/Chromium the Zoom level can be set for a page/site but then when browsing/opening other sites it reverts back to the regular zoom level. (100%)

He told me that he would consider Brave if I could show him that Brave can stay at 200% Zoom for all tabs/windows, all the time.

Thank you.

I assumed this is on desktop?

I’m away from keyboard, but there’s “page zoom” option which can be found in Settings > Appearance, IIRC.

Aye it’s on Desktop, and that actually does work. I didn’t realize a Zoom setting for all pages was already there.

Thank ye.

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