Locale in Ad Diagnostics is wrong and hasn't been receiving ads for the last 12 months

Locale in Ad Diagnostics is wrong and hasn’t been receiving ads for the last 12 months:
By going to the Ad diagnostics section in Brave rewards internals?

  1. Locale shows en-US instead of en-IN as it used to.
    Haven’t been receiving ads since the last November. I think this error started since then.
  2. Tried creating a new profile and have reinstalled the app
  3. But the locale settings still show US instead of India and still zero ads.

Expect to fix this locale error and restart receiving ads:

Version 1.44.112 Chromium: 106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Do you have time and stuff set to India?

Is language set to English (India)

Ads are delivered based on region.

Yes. I know. So if you have stuff saying that your region is US like Language is English (USA), Time is USA and other stuff that could indicate you being in USA

I just checked and language settings was set to English US. Now I’ve changed it to English India, but still the issue persists.
And I’m not using any VPN most of the time

Most of the times, refers that you do use sometimes lol

we all do sometimes :wink:

Wait for sometime. Restart Brave, restart phone and then check

Well I don’t cause I can’t afford lol

using PC. phone’s fine. Will try after restarting the pC

no Free VPN? Which country are You from?

India. I actually never need one so never bothered to search for one…

cool. Anyways gonna try restarting the PC now. Fingers crossed.

Okay. Also if this doesn’t help, then check in windows settings, what region is selected in region options

date and time showed India but language was set to English US. changed it to India.
But even after restarting the issue still persists

Check your region in settings ?

It was US, now I’ve changed it to India. Restarted. Yet same problem. No ads

Ummm… @Aman_M @rodrige @Saoiray any help ?

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Windows 10 has two settings: Language and Region


Are both correct?