User Feedback - Recommendation - Don't Make Computer Language Synonymous with Region

I’ve been using Brave for about a year and was always intrigued by the idea of earning rewards.

I saw it was available for the first time tonight and enabled it. Much to my surprise I was told that my region is not supported! I was surprised because I am currently in the US so my region and IP address should both be US.

I see this is a problem other people have been having, too. I checked my computer’s “region and language” settings, but my region was set to the US, so I wasn’t sure what the problem was.

Eventually I figured out that I was unable to see ads because my computer’s language was set to Español (México). When I changed my language to English (United States) or Español (United States) and restarted Brave, the message went away. When I changed it back to Español (México), the message returned.

I’m a native English speaker who is bilingual and learned Spanish in México, so my variant of Spanish is Mexican. I prefer to have my computer’s language and everything in Spanish for spell-check, keyboard (umlauts, accents, ñ etc) and just to keep me immersed in the language in general. It doesn’t really matter to me if my official computer language is “Mexican” Spanish or “US” Spanish since I doubt the user interface will ultimately change noticeably.

But I would definitely classify this as a bug and recommend changing it if possible. It makes sense the region would be limited, especially in the beginning, but plenty of people are multilingual and changing the computer’s language in order to learn or keep up another language is a good technique. Therefore confusing language with region is not good practice.

Overall I love this browser! Thanks.


Excellent feedback – very well stated.
We happen to agree with you and we are in the process of re-evaluating our region detection:

While the majority of this discussion must be made internally, I hope it helps to know that this issue is not far from mind. I’ve added your report to the thread as well for the team to see.

Appreciate your feedback and support!

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Cheers, thanks for the quick response and for passing it along! :sunglasses:

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