Why am I receiving ad notifications in Portuguese?

I’m using Brave as my default browser on Windows 10 64 bit.
My browser language and my system language are set to English.
I’m connecting from Mexico and my Brave rewards location is also set to Mexico.
So I get if I receive ads in English or Spanish.
But lately, all the ad notifications I receive are in Portuguese, why is this happening? It’s just the notifications, the ad is usually in English actually.
This began to happen a few weeks ago, before that I never got Portuguese notifications… And I’m not using a VPN, nor I used it in the past in this PC.

Could you go to Region settings in windows settings? And check if anything there is wrong.
Since you say all the others are correct I don’t see why this could be happening.
@Saoiray @rodrige anything you guys can think of?

Just checked my windows region configuration and it’s also set to Mexico… So I don’t understand.

could you try in a new profile ?
make a rewards profile in it and wait till you get notification ads.
That will help to know if its related to locale or something in your current profile

But, that will make me lose my current BAT rewards, right?

No. It wont make you lose BATs on the current one.

Ok. So the suggestion is creating a new Brave profile, like a different user and checking out if it turns Portuguese over there too?

Yes. That’s correct.

Well, I did it. I created a new Brave profile and the Portuguese ads are in the new profile too. One thing I realized it’s only the ads that promote the Brave wallet.

Just a joke … but, for Americans anything that is south of Mexico is Brazil :stuck_out_tongue:

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