Questions re time-window / locale settings for Brave Ads?

Is there some time-window in which ads are delivered / shown to users?

Background: I am observing not getting ads during the day when I use Brave the most; it seems to start showing/delivering ads on evenings and at night (on desktop) or even during the night (on mobile).

Also, what is up with the locale & languages set in the browser and in the operating system ā€“ I read here [1] that this also ties in with getting or not getting ads, is this true?

Might it be that my Brave setups think that Iā€™m a US citizen because all my locales (in Browser & OS) are set to English/US though I am actually residing in Germany and do have a German IP?

[1] Allow users to use Rewards with different OS "Region & Locale" format than their actual IP Address or Country