Brave rewards no longer available in my region (UK) on my laptop, since start of year but works for my mobile


Hi @Philox - thanks for posting! What Brave version are you currently on? Are you running a VPN?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi steve
Thanks for the reply, i am running on my home internet and my brave version is 1.1.20. I have not changed any settings and have tried resetting settings back to original and still no luck. was working fine before and i still receive ads on my mobile brave browser and they’re linked together, as you can see i have been receiving ads before.

Many thanks in advance,
Kind regards phil

Hi @Philox. Go to “About Brave” and update your Brave browser. The last version is 1.4.95. See if this resolve your problem.

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Hey guys,
I have updated my brave browser to 1.4.95 and yet still no luck?

Any help will be much appreciated
Thanks in advance

Hey @rolak @steeven and everybody else,
I resolved the issue by going onto Control panel-> Region-> Time Format and set it to English (United Kingdom).
As previously it was set as English (Europe),
Now my ads are working again on my laptop. =D

Hope this helps anybody and can be forwarded to the community as i see this problem occurring many times with people.

Thanks kind regards


Good for you @Philox . Enjoy your ads. :slight_smile:

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