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I am enjoying using Brave. However, I find the pop-up regarding ‘Anonymous local results’ frustrating. It pops up all the time. Is there a way to disable the feature (or set a default location) so that it doesn’t both me every time I search something?

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1.39 (
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You are referring to Brave Search, regarding ‘Anonymous local results’ ; correct?

Hi 289wk

Yes. I popped a link in for a screen grab from my phone… hopefully that clarifies things

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Do you use Brave Search in private browsing mode or regular?
Do you clear some webstie data manually?

That’s a good question. Erm, not sure. I’ll check:
In the settings ‘Brave Shields and Privacy’ I have most of the ‘clear private data’ checked (except ‘playlist offline data’ and ‘playlist media and offline data’). I don’t think I set these I believe these were automatically set. Could be wrong.
In terms of private browsing mode - I’m not sure! How can I tell if I’m in private browsing mode? I’ve searched. Probably I’m being blind… Sorry!

Any suggestions anyone?


IF using Private Browsing Only, then the Brave Search settings may be deleted, when the Tab that is connected to the Brave Search site, is closed -or- there is an Exit / Quit Brave Browser event.

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