What happened to "Revert to Global" option when searching?

Without this option sites are able to track location. This option has dissapeared on Android and on Windows in the new and older versions. It used to show up whenever you would search for something on Brave and then it would located right underneath the search bar. Does anyone know a way to bring this back?

Are you referring to this option? Is it correct?

I don’t know what you mean exactly, I’ve been using Brave Search for a long time and I’ve always gotten All regions, once in a while I’ve gotten San Francisco, being that it’s not my location xd.

On the other hand, I don’t really know what you mean by "Global Search really, but you can try Goggles.

brave_screenshot_search.brave.com (1)

It may not help, and I apologize if I am no help, perhaps the meaning is lost due to the translation.

You can also ask @Mattches o @Saoiray

Hey guys, thanks for trying to help but no this is actually what im looking for. It finally popped up one time again while i was searching but it stopped popping up again. when im able to select revert to global this is the only way im able to prevent sites from getting my location. Can anyone help me get it back so everytime I search it comes up as an option?

sorry that’s not what im talking about. look at my newest reply. i finally got it to show up on one random search but it never comes up again.

This is because you have the Anonymous local results option enabled in Search settings. You’re welcome to disable this feature by going to search.brave.com, clicking the “gear” icon on the top right of the page, then toggling the Anonymous local results “off” — however, I would suggest that you read the explanation of this feature as many people are unclear about what it’s actually doing:

If you want to disable it for privacy reasons, you likely don’t have to. If you simply don’t want to see any results related to your location at all for any reason then disabling it should do the trick.

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So it’s still not working the same as before. Is there any way to bring back the revert to global option under the search bar like in the picture?

I’m not sure I understand — are you saying that you’re still seeing your specific location listed when performing a search with that option disabled?

So im saying im not seeing that come up anymore. I want it to come up so that way i can click revert to global.

I want the “revert to global” option to appear again. It stopped showing up and I can’t figure out why. I’ve tried ios, android, windows, and old version of Brave but nothing works to bring it back.

So if you’re not seeing your specific city listed then I believe you are searching globally. Further, if you go back into settings and change your region setting to All regions to ensure it is not searching any specific reason: