Brave search settings for private browser sessions

Description of the issue:

Brave Search settings aren’t saved for Private Browsing.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open the Brave IOS App
  2. Switch to Private browsing
  3. Perform a search
  4. Click on the clog wheel
  5. Click on show more
  6. Change default search settings (for example the safe search level)
  7. Close the private search session
  8. Open a new private search session
  9. Search settings are reset to the defaults

Expected result:

Search settings for Brave private browsing are saved.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.51.2 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 12 mini - IOS 16.5.1

Lmao. Private browsing isn’t supposed to save any information. So why do you think it would save this?

These are browser search settings. This doesn’t have anything to do with actual search activity and is not private search data.

If you can’t tune and save search settings for Private sessions, you might as well use any other browser to replace Brave for private browsing and benefit from optimised privacy, security, freedom… when browsing privately.

If you don’t care about optimising browser search settings, then I don’t see why you’re even using Brave. Browser privacy, security and freedom completely revolves around and relies upon the configurability.

@ItsShowtime Let me make sure I’m understanding things correctly here. When you say that you’re changing the default search settings, what are you changing? If you’re going to SettingsSearch Engines and changing the default search engine for Private Tab then it should use that default search engine for private.

If you’re changing any settings on websites or anything, then it won’t save. Private windows are meant to clear things on a local level so anyone using your device won’t be able to see what you had done. So when you exit, it clears your search history and cookies.

As I believe I am seeing you mention clicking the clog wheel and all, then that would mean you’re changing things on a site level. Therefore when you close the tabs and exit, it will clear the cookies. Cookies are what holds your individual data and settings for sites.

Am I misunderstanding anything? Or does what I’m saying make sense?

Also, I want to make sure you realize, Private Window is ONLY if you need things to be erased from your device. It has no effect on what information websites see or anything. So it’s not something you want to use if you’re hoping it will keep anything customized and to remember your choices.

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