Linux Brave fails on LAN site

I have a webserver on my home LAN running on my Linux box. I can reach the site from my PC (Windows11) using Brave but Brave on my Linux box (Ubuntu 22.04) fails. The fail message is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED which does not make sense. The server log registers no connection attempt nor any error for the connection attempt.

The target site is not https. ShieldsDown has not effect nor does disabling “https only.” Both Firefox and Chrome on the Linux box work just fine so it is Brave (1.41.100) and it is only on my Linux box which is also the website host.

Any ideas on what I need to adjust to make this work?

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Sorry, my response here is not to be able to offer direct support myself, but to tag @JimB1 who seems to be the perfect person who might be able to help…assuming you still need assistance with it.

You’re outdated. Current Brave version is 1.42.97 and they’ll be rolling out 1.43 in about 5 days, give or take. 1.41.00 was released back around July 12. So not lagging behind too much, but updates seem to come out about every couple weeks.

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Nothing specific jumps to mind as to root cause, however if you are familiar with browser DevTools and/or Wireshark (or tcpdump) you should be able to quickly make sense out of what’s happening.

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED strongly implies that the target server (your Linux box) is sending a TCP RST in response to the Brave’s connection request. Typically this would only happen if you’re targeting the wrong port #, or if the browser is defaulting to the wrong port # that is different from the one the web service is running on.

Either of the methods above should be able to identify if it’s one of these issues.

But one other question first, it sounds like you are targeting the web service running on the same machine as the browser?

If so, can you add a small screenshot of the URL bar (address bar) from Chrome as well as one from Brave when trying the web site? Make sure to put the cursor into the URL bar before taking the 'shot so the whole address (including http:// and so on) is shown.

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