Links based on and another website dont work

Description of the issue:
All links based on dont work on brave (please DM me for the link)
Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Page dosent load
Expected result:
Page should load
Reproduces how often:
Every time
Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Win 10. All versions of brave

The reason I am asking to DM me is because we cannot share those links dierctly due to some reason. (contact me on instagram @parasudilip). I added my instagram handle because I am not sure if we can DM here.

the link it self show this
Simplify your links with us - Linksunlocked

Invalid request

in brave and even in firefox even while shield off

are you sure about this site

Can you please DM me. Because the website doesn’t work that way. I can say the steps to reproduce over in the DM

first i need to know what this site about which is just created less than a month ago

and also it does not work in firefox why it make it hard to the website to explain how it work on their main page

and why you can not explain it here

does the process of explaining it here include personal info ?

Go to
Select any game
Try to download it (the green button)
It is a website that has pirated games. I try the games before buying it. So I refused to share at the start.

it still does not work in brave despite the shield on/off and also firefox

is there any browser that work on it

please try chrome if you have it and see if it work or not

if it not work in chrome then it will not in brave

I will soon send a screen capture of the issue

ok take your time but please check it on other browser and see if it work

I am adding a SendGB (file sharing platform) link (the screen record of my issue is attached).

I have a similar issue when trying to access FileCR

You can reply for further more info if required

i just want to know
does work on any browser
as i said i tried firefox and brave and it always fail
did you tried safari IE chrome or anything else and does it work there or still same result

and have a nice day

I tried on Edge, Firefox and opera. It works fine out there. The issue is only on Brave.

my firefox does not work let me check the crazy setting i did in my firefox :joy:

one more thing did you tried chrome

why i ask about chrome cause brave is build on chrome so it could be issue in chrome core

by the way is this edge are the new chromium one or the old one

In the video I sent earlier I tried chrome too. Its in the video (sendGB link). Did you watch it??

unfortunately not

idk if you will get support for that since that include pirate stuff which will be very sensetive for team member to support

could you try to use private mode and disable shield and make sure you disable all extension also

Tried that too, I dont have any extensions…

But this issue is only with brave.

i agree with you hope the team help you in that one and have a nice day

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