We can not connect to https://uphold.com using brave broser

me and my friends tried to connect our wallets on https://uphold.com using brave browser but we can do it. also we tested using other browser like chroome and fire fox they was fine. but brave faced to problem. please check. it

Hi @sampolnorman,

Can you elaborate more? What did you try to do?
Also, which Brave version and OS?


Hi, win 10 and the last version of brave that i downloaded 2 days ago. I wanted to send my referral link to my friends. but they try to use my link, and referred me. but my score is not calculated.

please check and help me.


The link seems to work perfectly fine on my PC.

Are you using any firewall?

Have you tested with another browser?

yes, it works fin on chrome. and fire fox, but brave is faced to problem.

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