Some website does not work in my brave browser but it works in my friend's browser

My friend sent a link that does not work properly in my brave browser but works fine in google chrome. My friend also uses brave browser but the link works completely fine in his browser. Also, I face some issues while using the WhatsApp web. sometimes I can not crop images. Here I am providing the link, please check it and tell me if it works in your brave browser.


This link worked for me without any issue. If you try to visit the link directly does the site load as intended there? Direct link below:

Yup still facing same issues i think i have to reinstall the browser

Hii I reinstalled the browser it works now but now I can’t connect my uphold account it says maximum devices reached. What should I do now

Unfortunately you’ll have to submit a wallet unlinking request to have a slot opened. The issue you originally had likely had to do with clearing cache/browsing data.

Ohok i will do it thanks a lot for the help. Much appreciated

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