Brave Browser not loading pages that work fine in other browsers

I run Brave 1.14.100 Mac osX, 10.12.6 Sierra. When I load this link in the browser it loads just a partial page and fails to load any embedded or linked media. In this case the guy does a video blog. But it hap[pens with virtually all the links from certain web sites. The problem is, if I plug this link into almost any browser it works fine and the media plays. I have disabled some of the Shield settings, but I think its a security settings issue in Brave. I’m just not sure where to look to fiix the problem. Any ideas?

Using the latest ver of Brave? Does it work in Brave private window mode?

Just loaded the site, no obvious issues

Not sure how to do private window mode.
But did you have any problem in normal window mode?
Also, any clue as to what settings I may need to change to correct this problem?

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