Links only work in private mode

Some sites only work in private mode, its as if any link to go to another page or even a google hotlink will not open in the regular browser but works in private. its with many sites too. can anyone help?


Ensure you have no extensions or shield settings modifying the links.
Hope this helps!

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How would i check? I just looked but cant tell!

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Go to your shield settings and enable cross site links. The shield settings are behind the Brave icon.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks I already have that selected. I have no idea what happened it was working fine now it barely works on any website.

Hey i appreciate your help but i was able to find the solution elsewhere, i had to unselect load crypto wallets at startup and now it works fine. This is where i found it.

Again thanks for taking your time trying to help me!

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Alright, awesome! Glad I could “help” :grin:

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