Linked Brave Browser wallet to Uphold and lost tokens

Hi! I just linked my Brave Browser wallet to Uphold to withdraw my tokens.
The account creation process was successful but the tokens are now 50% of what i had.
I contacted Uphold support and told me that no problem was detected on there behalf.

Help please!

Sounds like this one 'Duplicated BAT' Display Bug

Can you explain what this display bug is? Is it a bug in estimated rewards of this month or in browser wallet?

i don’t think it’s a display bug. Because from the moment i pressed the “withdraw” button, my browser wallet went down from 40.8 to 20.5 BAT and my Uphold wallet displays 20.5 BAT.
I don’t understand why but the deposit to my Uphold wallet was made in 5 different transactions.
From that moment i only have 20.5 BAT in my wallet.
Here i attach 2 screenshots where you can see in the different tabs how the amount of BAT went down, and the uphold wallet got only half of my tokens.
Screenshot 1 was taken right when i realized the amount of BAT was incoherent.

i only had $10 worth of tokens. I wanted to test how the link between BB and Uphold was… and to be honest if i had more money i would really be pissed. I’m reporting this bug to let devs know this happened, since i haven’t found any topic like this.


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