Let's make a game

I want to build a gig-economy sim game. Anyone interested?

We will make use of BAT :slight_smile:


We wanted to make a “BAT” man game for years, alas, the copyright lawyers at DC Comics would have a field day with us… :stuck_out_tongue:

Would love to see what you guys come up with. :wink:

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Rare photo of mr.bat with lord lion (under the water.)
Made By me xd


Interested. Sim of what?

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Ok, so I am working on a white/blue paper on this but here we go…

I believe the math that Uber and Lyft are using is wrong, amongst other things such as fair pay, micro-manipulation, and an overall bleh amount of creativity. Zimride might have been a thing, but the IPO killed it… they sealed their fate. The great expense they have gone to marketing the TaaS (Transportation as a Service) is a boone for my ideas because, we the people, can create a better way :+1:

My idea to avoid any marketing expense is to implement a 13 tier deep MLM structure that rewards 13x generations of Network assigned parents, 13x generations of “bio” parents (personal referrals no matter whose tree they joined under), 10x siblings (including self) and 10x children… as well as Tier-1,Tier, and Tier+1.

I want to develop the concept first as a game. Details on this are currently private but my math is spot on :100: and the game is the proof.

The game will be a faucet game. I can do this with Faucethub for starters to keep it simple. FH doesnt offer BAT transactions so I will use Doge instead. Imma fan of the underdog coin :cat2:

Game will offer Rider, Driver, and Delivery services as a game concept and players earn fame and maybe win crypto prizes.

What’s more is the game will offer paid membership of $5/month (up to $4.55 of this is paid to other members) or free to play. Paid memberships are limited to 11100 and when sold out, we begin to develop the real world app next Phase.

Also, game membership is the top of the tree for the real world company so all the testers could earn a lot of downline commissions if the irl company is successful.

When Brave enables microwallets or what not (seems like i read bout it in their whitepaper somewhere) we can swap to brave/bat.

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