Becarefull If you are doing like me (earned too many BAT)

After my publisher account was suspended and after sending an appeal and after 20 days waiting now they rejected my appeal.

below is how i did. You should read to know to avoid the suspension

we all know kind of self-tip is allowed if those BAT are earned-BAT?

But if you try to tip yourself too much (even from many different devices that you are using to accumulate BAT) they will suspend your account?

here are some pic about my appeal.

my description about how i did

and below are many machines that i’m accumulating BAT everyday.

and the email to deny my appeal :frowning:

and i lost all those BAT

OK fine, their rules I must follow.

But i wont stop accumulating BAT .

Thinking about revealing the method how i earn BAT someday

very frustrated now.


and one more question

how they deal with those BAT they reject to my publisher account?

will they refund them for those already tip my account?



You are tipping yourself ? Seriously ?


yes @Tiko.

you can read again my post. It might contain something useful

you’re just an idiot.
your way of saving is fraudulent.


OK fine guy.

i will consider you a smart guy if you write something else useful.

OK . show something to me if you could do better than me.

read my post carefully. It might helpful to you.

I still have many BAT if you want i tip you some OK?


Your post is not helpful.
You did not earn them, but received them in a fraudulent way, which is why you were blocked.
I earn much more than you do with the referral system, and I don’t hold that I can be blocked. I play fair.


I’m sorry but there is nothing helpful to make BAT in a fraudulent way.
This is a very short time view and I don’t subscribe this point of view.

However how many BAT you pretend to have, you’ve played, you’ve lost, you’re blocked. So smart…
You dont have the right to complain about it: just assume your acts like mens do.


ok . you’re better.

unluckily in my country Brave does not support referral program.

just want to let you all know how i earned BAT, How my account was ban

then it might help someone.

skip this post if it’s not useful please.

yes Friend, I consider it’s a lesson, and I learned much from this.

The referral program is closed since 8th October for every country.
It was closed earlier for few countries due to fraudulent usage of it.

Sad to see that people don’t learn from the past: cheating is never a winning path.
Have a nice day.


LOL. This is the most hilarious post in brave community forum. You are basically telling that you installed brave on many virtual machine instances, farmed BATs and got banned? Your post just signifies that brave is good at detecting frauds or you are an idiot who had no idea this method was fraudulent. No offence intended.


I’ve just known Brave since March, 2020.

dont consider it kind of cheating :slight_smile: think it’s a challenge to practice something.

and Brave team might always wonder how we did earned many BAT.

and it might a challenge to Brave team to make itself better

have a nice day.

yes I know this, :slight_smile: But could you show me how to run more than 100 machines even 500-1000 machines.

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