1.750 BAT per advert!? I hope we get there some day

Maybe a glinch from the future… :alien:

ads 1106212218

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Damm that is something.

Lol. That would be something, but I believe what it might be is the BAT counter has not gone down yet from your last payout. Mine is still showing incorrect amounts, and I anticipate it should go down sometime.

Something Indeed! If and when this happens will be come here saying… do you remember in 2022 when we joke about this!! I hope so! I was just joking about it, my estimated earnings counter has a life of his own, a true rebel, it stopped (but still receiving lots of ads) in April at 3.553BAT (i joke also about this as the “capicua bug” no, no bug!) then in the end of May it moved, finally to 3.552BAT, :flushed: well at least it moved… :rofl: then since Friday started to move again, lets see how it goes now.
And yes, the amount showed is since May because i didn’t receive any payment so far, well, i did, 0. something. No worries! Thanks

Im looking forward to check the next payment, in August! (?)

By this rate I would be a millionaire soon lol

I think the problem would be inflation? If we did receive this much, it would not be worth spit. Like how a cheeseburger used to cost 5 cents? Idk if this analogy is right, but you know what I am trying to say right.

I really hope so @LuciferMorningstar, working on that!

@nfds Your next payment tho would be July not August? July would be the payouts for everything earned this June month, and possibly any back pay they did not pay out from previous months.

While that would be awesome, Brave just forgot to reset the bat counter, again…

Yes, probably that also i agree, but till now its that whats happening. Actually i sent more BAT then i received, just waiting that everything will be fix and sorted out. For the August payment its the info i have…


I`m sure when all the “overdue” BAT(s) payments will be made, i will retire immediately!

That is an ever growing problem that I do not know why it jumps a month - 2 ahead for the next payment date, but I do not believe it should be a cause for concern. This does not mean you will not be paid sometime in July. That date will probably shift back to July 5-6 sometime in the next days-weeks. Then come July 5-7th it will go to August again, and you will be waiting for payouts for June but after a week or so that should be processed. It is just a thing to be aware of until they can totally patch it up. I would not worry so much about the dates shown ever, but rather when you know it is time for payouts, hence always 5th of the month.

Maybe we should put Brave making some homework, lets say, write in a paper 500 lines saying…
" I promise I won’t forget to reset the counter every end of the month"
" I promise I won’t forget to reset the counter every end of the month"

Will make a huge baty then! Party, sorry!

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I guess is also Brave Rewards own “growing” process, no concerns. :sunglasses:

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