[POLL] How much BAT should i tip to creators?

Dear Brave community!

I’m a new member to this community, and i’ve just been wondering how much of my earnings/payment i should tip to verified creators?

If i may kindly ask, how much do you tip, on a regular basis?

  • 1-5%
  • 6-10%
  • 11-20%
  • more than 20%
  • nothing

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I would appreciate your valuable opinion.

Best wishes,


Ooooh, a poll! Nice! @dsims Interested? :grin:

@Murphmeister I think you should put [Poll] at the front of your title. I would have clicked sooner! lol

I’m one of the greedy masses who rarely tip. Ouch. If there were more uses for BAT, I may be more tempted to spend vs hold. Maybe, once other options for utilizing BAT are in place, my attitude may change. Right now, I have a tight fist on the BAT I earn and consider my participation within the community as a way of giving back. While that may be more self-serving than not, I like to think it balances out. :joy:

Edit: Minimum tipping amount I posted was wrong. Minimum is 0.25 BAT. No idea how I missed this and had 1 BAT stuck in my head. Ooops. Removed that content. See @Murphmeister post below for more info. :smiley:

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@Chocoholic thanks a lot for your answer :+1:
Minimum tipping amount is 0.25BAT (~0.10USD)

If you tip 0.25BAT, the 5% processing fee is included.
So if you have 1.25BAT and tip 0.25BAT you end up with 1.00BAT left

Unfortunately it seems not possible to tip 0.49BAT as the system obviously just allows multiples of 0.25 (0.5,0.75,…).

Have a nice day!

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So weird. I have tried to tip less than 1 BAT and I couldn’t. Don’t think I tried in multiples of 0.25 though. I don’t remember seeing a “Minimum tip amount is 0.25”, I seem to remember a notice for 1 BAT minimum. Obviously I am remembering wrong unless something was changed. Time to try again. Thanks for info! :smiley:

@Chocoholic you’re welcome

There must have been a change, because
in the HelpCenter article and video it’s only possible to tip 1, 5 or 10BAT
Video is from 2018, so it seems to be outdated.

Let’s see if Murph can break the previous record of 19 votes, I think. :smiley:

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@Murphmeister Getting close… 16votes right now! lol Maybe after posting this reply some more members will vote. Keeping my fingers crossed. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s very close. :smiley:

Oh no, late last night (or early this morning, whichever, lol). There were 17 votes! Someone must have removed their vote. :slightly_frowning_face:

So murph gets Bronze. Not bad still.

lol This made me laugh! :laughing:

I’m just glad to see more user participation in recent polls. Even though it is still miniscule compared to the number or registered users, there is a lot more votes happening. Nice. I’m hoping one day someone will think of a poll that motivates hundreds of users to vote! Now that would be really nice! :grin:

I love polls! More polls! Give me a P, give me an O, give me a double L S, POLLS! :joy: :rofl:

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Wait! It’s not over yet. 18(!)votes now…
…to the moon baby :rocket:
Putting champagne to the fridge already.
Gonna be a big party at my house, drinks are free
Don’t miss out that EPIC moment.

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I have only 1, 5 and 10 BAT options. Not possible to tip 0.25
I wonder what is the criteria to have these different settings.

Whew. Glad I wasn’t imagining things!

No idea. I am on a win10 desktop. I do have the option for 0.25 now that I rechecked but do not know when it became available. Saying it again. Too weird.

Another thing, I just went to check again, and I can only activate the Tip icon if Shields are down. After toggling Shields off and on a few times, it started working. Going to test a few more sites and if it is persistent I’ll report. Are you seeing anything similar?

:rofl: I’ll be there! Can’t wait! :partying_face: :sparkler:

Working normal on my side. Win 10 as well.

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Probably just my system then. It is ancient and known to have hiccups now and then. Thanks for checking. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tipping icon works for me too with or without shields. @Chocoholic does it not work for you on certain sites/channels? And it supposedly appears only in default profile.

Also, custom tipping is available in desktop browser, it’s still a work in progress on Android. Are you guys not seeing this Custom tipping option in desktop?

Medal is upgraded to gold. And I will join in online mode. :grin:

Maybe the poll selections should show amounts of BATS rather than percentages.

6-10% of what? How many total BATS I have? 6-10% of BATS I earned this month? Or is it a percentage of pending BATS I will be awarded next month? For me, I think it is a bit vague to use percentages. I auto tip 1 BAT. But I can’t respond to the poll as I don’t know what that is supposed to be a percentage of. Otherwise, interesting poll.

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There you go @Murphmeister @Aman_M @Chocoholic
It broke the previous record