Brave Creator BAT is not paid out

I have 45.66 BAT in my creator account for months now which isn’t getting payout, not on jan 8th, not on feb 8th and not on march 8th.

Uphold wallet is connected. Please contact me how to get this fixed, thank you

@steeven he has the same issue please help.

seems a vast majority ins’t getting paid, sad what became of brave rewards, best of luck guys

BAT seems rallying but brave rewards is seeing its lowest ,So many bugs and problems lately.
Hope they fix things asap.

I already removed brave ads from 2 devices as claim button just throws silly error messages, my creators hasn’t paid out in for a couple months which is like 70 bat write off, now i`m getting ready to remove from desktop and get off this forum and close out my uphold account to fiat, seems rewards system went to complete sheeeet pass few months for me, with each month getting progressively worse, which is evident from this forum

Maybe I’m wrong but privacy wasn’t your concern for using Brave :wink:

70 BAT is around 40 € #JustSaying

Hi @b.ohiuh9uh and welcome on board!

May I suggest you some patience?
I’m a Brave user since many months and I always received all my BAT as expected.
The payout for creators starts 8th of each month. So you can be paid 8th, 9th or a bit later but you will receive your BATs.

Best and have a nice day

I am patient, I am waiting over 3 months now for payout :slight_smile:


privacy and rewards are not one of the same, Brave is fine for privacy, getting rewards for opting in ads not so much, im glad you’re getting payments every month but I can assure you, you’re a minority here, if you paid attention the OP has been waiting since jan which is obviously a problem

yeah maybe best to delete all Brave accounts, not worth the few bucks

You’re right, some are using Brave for privacy, few don’t.

I also have pending tens of BATs in my creator account but it won’t change a thing for me if I don’t receive them in the next days, weeks or months. Privacy is still my main concern to use Brave as my main browser on desktop and mobile.

Have a nice day

so why opted in a broken system ? easy for you to say when the system is working as intended for yourself

Because Brave is a great browser for people who care about their privacy.
Because Brave introduce a new paradygm in the relationship betwen publisher, advertisers and users.
Because we are numerous to receive our BATs as expected.
Only few don’t get their BATs and they post and moan here.

Once again, I’m sure Brave support team will helps you to get your few BATs.

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try to payout w/ external application

right that’s why I alone have two devices that can’t claim rewards and my creators account pretends to processes each month , do you even read the post on here? or Reddit ? I use Brave on all my devices I`m just not opting in for ads anymore because rewards are broken. I been here since the start and in the beginning never had problems getting rewards, but over the past few month I have watched the system literally fall apart and now its finally effected myself, I plan to still use Brave buts its not the only browser with privacy in mind, that new paradigm shift in the relationship between publisher/advertisers and users you mentioned is what sets Brave apart, which once was a seamless process simply doesn’t work anymore for myself and many others here reporting the same

Brave has zero support. Anyway, I deleted Brave. Uphold is no good either, insane fees to withdraw.

This topic can be closed/locked. Bye now


i am also getting the same issue here.

Check the payment status here > March 2021 Publishers Payout