Let us keep earning rewards

There is no reason to stop reward earning unless we sign up for Uphold/Gemini. These are two horrible exchanges. If you don’t want to support more or directly send rewards to a Brave wallet held somewhere else, you need to revert the changes. Only reason to force these changes is if Brave is getting kickbacks from these two exchanges.

I would honestly like to know why rewards can’t be sent to wallets on other exchanges myself. Would love to hear somebody working at Brave for this one.

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I stopped rewards and BAT and closed down my brave Wallet a year ago., because uphold refused over months to close my account because it had still about 4 Bat in it. I wanted to use Gemini but they don’t operate in Germany. . Now, a year later there are still only Gemini and uphold as option to verify with. I don’t get. Why stick with uphold when they not liked at all by the community? And Gemini? In the 6weeks old 2023, Gemini had to lay off 10% of their workforce, They had charges filed against them because they offered some unlicensed products. After Genisis filed for bankruptcy with chapter 11 protection It will be nearly impossible for Gemini to get back the assets that belong to account holders that took part in the Gemini earning program. Some 900Million dollar in total. It’s going to be a long bankruptcy case . My guess is Gemini will be gone for good. Brave really should start finding new options for people to get their Bat into the wallets.
Or just drop this token and crypto nonsense completly and concentrate on making Brave the nest browser ever

so many people complaining about uphold(including me :laughing:), even on reddit, and yes yes… its had coming to an greement with crypto exchange, but how hard could it be, i mean imagine the users they would gain from brave user registering on their platform and opportunity for us to trade with their platform